Dr. Tille-Victorica: T/Th 11:00-12:15

Civilization/Culture of Latin America

This course offers a panoramic view of some of the issues and debates about Latin American history, society and culture. Latin America is a culturally diverse, racially mixed, and politically conflicted region. Its history is defined by social and economic inequality and we will focus on questions of inequality through categories of gender, race, and class. We will start with the Conquest and its legacies and end with contemporary issues, including migration and gender violence. We will focus on the enduring legacies and challenges of some specific historical issues, such as slavery and the entrance of Latin America into global capitalism. The course favors a multi-disciplinary approach, and therefore we will use a variety of materials including essays, films, music, letters, short stories, and art. This course is taught entirely in Spanish and counts toward a Spanish major/minor, as well as our Certificate in Latin American Studies.