Dr. Mroczek: M/W 11:00-12:15

Publication Design

In this course, students will publish a series of professional documents from start to finish.  The course will emphasize theory and practical training in visual design. It concentrates on writing and designing in several forms of business discourse and emphasizes practicing writing processes, developing appropriate styles, learning professional problem-solving, working and writing in a collaborative environment, and creating and recognizing effective visual communication. Students will be expected to identify differences between good and bad design based on the Gestalt Principles, color theories, design composition techniques and other criteria. Students will learn to recognize and write good copy, and will gain experience writing a variety of professional communication materials including logos, brochures, fliers, newsletters and websites.


The specific course goals are as follows

To identify the rhetorical characteristics of visual design.
·        To develop advanced skills in publication design, using computer design software.

·        To develop an in-depth understanding of pre-press print production.

·        To broaden student ability in communicating with visual elements, including images, type, photographs, etc.

·        To strengthen student problem-solving techniques for design communication.

·        To emphasize the importance of “detail” in type and design.

·        To work on both “open” and “closed” publication design projects.