Dr. Terry: T/Th 4:30-5:45

Technical Editing

ENGL5740U/G, Technical Editing, is a course that will help students be prepared to enter the world of technical writing with the potential to advance to a technical editing position. The course provides students with an understanding of what technical editing is, how it works, how it fits into the writing cycle at many organizations, and what their responsibility would be as technical editors and writers. In addition to providing an understanding of the distinction between technical editing and regular editing, it also reinforces the core grammatical and information design knowledge that a technical writer and editor should know in order to be successful in the profession. The course usually concludes with the students undertaking a client-based project, which requires the students not only to apply their editing and grammatical knowledge to a real-world document, but it also requires them to practice the important work of analyzing their clients’ needs and communicating their editing work to their clients in a rhetorically sound way. Students also learn about current technologies and paradigms in technical writing, including standard techniques like using Word’s Track Changes and collaborative writing software as well as more advanced concepts like Topic-Based Authoring, Single-Source Publishing, Lightweight Markup Languages, Darwin Information Typing Architecture, and more.