Dr. Reese: M/W/F 10:00-10:50

Advanced Composition

This course offers instruction and guided practice in researching information and generating ideas, developing information and ideas into well-crafted prose, and revising and editing prose effectively. Major topics will include invention (“What do I want to say?”), style (“How do I want to say it?”), persona (“Who do I want to be?”), audience analysis (“Who do I expect my readers to be?”), arrangement (“Where do I say it?”), and revision (“How do I say it best?”). The objectives of the course are as follows:

·         Extend understanding of writing and poetics through reading and discussing a wide variety of texts

·         Develop analytical, critical, and interpretive skills

·         Explore language issues of cultural, racial, ethnic, and gender diversity

·         Increase awareness of the history, meanings, functions, and structure of American English

·         Refine writing faculties and strengthen editing abilities

·         Enhance research skills, including familiarization with electronic and other sources

·         Demonstrate familiarity and competency with the oral presentation of ideas

·         Prove ability to use word processing software for completing assignments

·         Build competency in the use of Internet technologies

·         Practice interpersonal and collaborative skills

Grades are dependent upon student reading and writing as well as general engagement with the course. You are responsible for learning about your homework assignments. Guidelines for major assignments will be posted on our D2L site. Major projects include a personal narrative, an art critique, a character profile, an informative article, an issue commentary, a feature story requiring research, and an oral presentation. The lowest grade of the first five assignments will be dropped. Course participation incorporates classroom and online discussions with occasional quizzes, response assignments, and process pieces.