Professor Condon: M/W 4:30-5:45

Freelance Writing and Publication

If you are going to make a living as a writer, chances are, you will need to master the art of “the pitch,” adopt “the voice,” and learn “the hustle” necessary to build a network of local, regional and national print and digital publications that will publish your work–and pay you for it. Building these practical, platform-focused aspects of freelance writing are just as critical as honing the craft of great writing, and this course will illuminate how the creative and business sides of writing are inextricably linked. In this course, students will research targeted literary, trade and consumer publications; identify the voice of potential outlets; develop story and article pitches geared toward editorial calendars; compose articles in tandem with these pitches; explore the revision process; and, learn about submission and project-tracking programs to help guide their efforts. Guest lecturers will include editors from local, regional and online publications, as well as freelance writers from different topic areas such as food and travel, home and design, business and finance, science and medical, technical, fiction and poetry. By the end of this course, students will have two to three viable articles for publication.